Everything you need to know to take care of your dental hygiene

What’s the best way to brush your teeth?

The different brushing techniques are valid as long as does not injure the mucous membrane and removes dental plaque or dental biofilm.

The important thing is to use a medium-hard brush, change it every 3 months, use fluoride paste, brush at least for the morning and evening minimum 2 minutesand finish with the language.

Can improper brushing damage teeth?

Indeed, one of main causes of tooth wear (or dental abrasion) is a bad brushinggood to use a brush with excessive hardness, good for putting too much pressure on the enamel.

Wear and tear has its consequences, such as hypersensitivity (including pain from eating very cold or very hot foods). It can also affect the gingiva: being a soft tissue, it can retract as a defense mechanism against excessive pressure and leave part of the root exposed.

To avoid this, it is recommended use brushes of medium hardness and reduce not only pressure while brushing but also the force with which it is held. THE very anxious patients and compulsive about dental hygiene can choose softer brusheswhich will need to be replaced more often.

Some people find it useful to use an electric toothbrush with pressure controlsince it immediately warns (with sound or light) if we press too hard.

How to effectively remove tartar?

The formation of tartar depends on many factors: the quality of brushing, saliva, tobacco… To avoid or delay its formation, the most important is thorough brushing for 2 minutesand do it at least twice a day.

Only brushing does not eliminate the bacteria that accumulate between the teeth. And the best method to clean at this level is the use of an interdental brush.

Keep in mind that depending on the space between the teeth, you will need to use one with a larger or smaller diameter. It should be used once a day, preferably in the evening, and you can soak it in mouthwash.

To do this well, insert it perpendicular to the space you are going to clean. Cleaning is done with a back and forth movement, without forcing.

Rinse it well when you’re done and change it once a month. You can complete clean with a oral irrigatorbut this never replaces the interdental brush.

How often should a dental cleaning be done?

It is difficult to establish how often a dental cleaning (technically called scaling) is necessary because it depends on personal hygiene, there arrangement of teeth, If it’s smoking

In general, it is recommended to at least one per year.

with this cleaning tartar is removed deposited on the teeth. Because dental plaque can be brushed, but if it mineralizes, it becomes hard, and professional cleaning is required.

  • if they are superficial (coffee, tea, tobacco, certain foods, red wine, etc.), are easily eliminated. Normally a device is used which launches bicarbonate phosphate under pressure at the teeth.
  • If they are internal which include those from certain medications, are not resolved with professional cleaning. In this case, we resort to other techniques, such as teeth whitening, aesthetic veneers or even ceramic crowns.


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