Is getting your tongue or lips pierced risky?

The puncture to place the piercing causes inflammation and bleeding and can also affect the teeth.

THE tongue piercing They were a trend in the 90s and 2000s and now they’re back in fashion. The purpose of getting a piercing oraleither in the language or in lipit’s purely aesthetic but before making one it’s practical know the risks it has for oral health. Dr. Patricia Palma Maldonado, founder and director of P&P Clinic, explains what consequences for oral health.

How does a tongue piercing affect teeth?

Drilling to place drilling causes inflammation And bleedingbut beyond these temporary symptoms, the oral piercing They can affect the teeth. Here are the main damages they can suffer according to the specialist:

  • Crack And abrasion in the teeth due to the continuous collision of the metal with the enamel. The piercing can cause enamel loss.
  • If the hard outer layer of the teeth cracks, the damage can reach the pulp tissue, blood vessels and nerves, leaving the fully exposed teeth.
  • color changes teeth due to corrosion caused by the metals of the piercing.

How does a lip piercing affect the gums?

THE lip piercings either smiles can harm the gumsexplains Dr. Patricia Palma Maldonado:

  • gingival lesion. The gingival margin recedes from the crown of the tooth. This is one of the worst consequences a lip piercing can cause.
  • Gingivitis and possible infections periodontal. The retraction of the crown of the tooth causes overexposure of the dental pieces which increases the risk of gum inflammation and infections.

How does the piercing affect biting or occlusion of the mouth?

The permanent existence of a foreign body in the mouth alters the force that comes with the tonguewhich can affect the position of the teeth Yet the to bite.

“Another risk of this trend is that depending on where it is placed, it may prevent professionals from making a full oral diagnosis by obstructing the oral anatomy”emphasizes the specialist.

Does a mouth piercing cause bad breath?

Oral piercing makes it difficult oral hygiene and eases plaque buildup bacterialprovoking bad breath or bad breath.

Do you talk the same thing with a piercing in your mouth?

A tongue piercing can change the pronunciation of words with the letters R, S, T and L.

Care to reduce the risks of a mouth piercing

To avoid complications caused by a tongue or lip piercing, the director of Clinique P&P advises:

  • Extreme oral hygiene. The piercing can facilitate the buildup of plaque and food debris.
  • choose a metal high quality for drilling.
  • Appointment at the dentist regularly, to have better control of oral health.
  • If the teeth have been damagedyou can resort to treatments to repair them such as dental veneers, composite or porcelain sheets that allow you to repair any fracture caused by the piercing.


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