What are “Turkish teeth”? Dentists warn against new fad of health tourism

Now there are health tourism packages which include transfer to the dental clinic in Turkey, full treatment and advice with a guide.

The General Council of Dentists has notified that cases of dental work which were a failure fashion victimsturkish teeth” (turkey teeth).

Most striking is that of a group of six people in Majorca who succumbed to a trend that starts in Spainbut that in The UK has been developing for a long timeespecially among the working classes.

What are “Turkish teeth”?

The journey to the “turkish teeth” is the new version of hair tourism: organized trips to Turkey to obtain dental treatments at much cheaper prices than in Spain and quickly.

  • They are health tourism packages which includes transfer to the dental clinic, full treatment and advice with a guide.

We went from dermatologists to provide dentists. The advantages and disadvantages are the same as those already mentioned during the generalization of hair transplantation: unbeatable prices compared to lack of security at the specialist, poor follow-up of the process and few guarantees in case of breakdown.

He Doctor Ferran Llansanawho treated six Mallorca Patientsexplains that four of them hired a jointly organized health trip, through an agent who put them in touch with a Turkish clinic. They all performed aesthetic treatments with rehabilitation of ceramic veneers.

What are the problems of this dental tourism?

to a patient he dropped a crown and had an acute injury“, explained Dr. Llansana. Just take a look on social networks with the hashtag #turkeytheeth or #turkey dents to find out first-hand case of bad experiences.

This new fad of getting veneers and dental crowns on express trips is crazy – alert the dentist Ivan Malagon-. These are quick treatments where the patient teeth are chipped (leaving them very small, put a ceramic lid, porcelain). But all this, logically, is done without adjusting the bite and carve a lot the tooth”.

Such aggressive teeth grinding will promote many long-term problems, such as periodontitis (gum infection), which can endanger the room.

He main problem is it the caused damage due to improperly executed plating treatments they are irreversible and will condition the survival of the teeth for life. “Sometimes these teeth they need to get a root canal (clean it inside to keep it). In the long run, you will lose money and healthadds Dr. Malagón.

Why do these dental treatments fail?

The main reason for the failure of these treatments is the lack of overall planning. Proper planning achieves the best aesthetic result with the minor tooth carvingsays Dr. Llansana.

The main reason for the failure of these treatments is the lack of comprehensive planning.

The particular case of the patients he treated, the error was that the dental preparations they did in Turkey were more like those made for place crowns (covers) than for veneers. We also find:

  • The lack of work with magnifying instruments and even under the microscope.
  • The necessary time is not invested in the realization of a treatment simulatoror, which guarantees the final volume of the restoration.

my patients suffer from acute periodontitis this required endodontics in some of the restorations; but they also presented chewing discomfortin addition to aesthetic disgust“, enumerates the Mallorcan doctor.

  • As essential as making a preliminary diagnosis is a subsequent detailed follow-upfollow this on these express trips to Turkey will never be made“, also criticized Dr. Malagón.

In a few months, given the adhesion made to the dentin and dubious adhesive protocolsdelamination of ceramic restorations may increase.

in social networks they advertise “Turkish teeth”

If we only look at the reviews from some social media userswe will also have a distorted idea of ​​the situation.

“Not all Turkish dental clinics practice bad treatment. Like everywhere, there are highly qualified dentists”

Not all Turkish dental clinics practice bad treatment. Like everywhere, there are very qualified dentists They work with great professionalism. The problem is in those clinics in which the person is treated as one more number and not as a single patient“, emphasizes the Doctor Óscar Castro Reino, President of the Council of Dentists.

someone has to know where it’s going And under what conditions. Just as you have to know who you follow on the networks and what types of advice they give.

The influence of the internet and following the trends announced on the networksmany times, promoted by influential figures without adequate preparationis booming and it is important to warn about it.

Magic whiteners, homemade dental aligners, discharge splints for unregulated bruxism and sold onlineuncontrolled jaw exercisers, filing teeth with a conventional file or use of dental gums to decorate the teeth… These are fashions and can have serious consequences.


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