Dangerous dental fads for your oral health

A few months ago we left you an article about it on one of our social media channels, alerting you to some trends in dental aesthetics that, beyond what a passing fad can give, can become a serious problem for your oral health.

Some of these fads are not yet widespread in our country, but since we have a bad habit of importing too many unhealthy fads, we thought it would be helpful to do a little analysis of the health problems caused by dental cosmetic fashions.

Yaeba… or showing crooked teeth.

In countries like Japan, one of the latest trends in dental aesthetics is having crooked teeth. So how does it sound. As almost always with these things, you never know which came first, the chicken or the egg and, of course, one would have to delve into Japanese ways and customs to find the original origin of this absurd fad. Everything seems to indicate that thousands of young Asians are trying to imitate the singer of a group of young people on the crest of the wave called Tomomi Itano who apparently did not go to the dentist at the right time and wears fangs sticking out like she’s a little vampire. If we add to this that there have been people in the media who appreciated the youthful side of their crooked fangsit is more than enough for hundreds of thousands of young people, and not so young, to have decided to join the yaeba fashion and deform their mouths.

There are too many cases in which “specialist dentists” use orthodontics to achieve the effect yaba force the teeth, ignoring the seriousness of the problems that this can cause; to begin with, the dental hygiene problems what it means to have the teeth mounted and, in addition, the possibility of provoking in young people a bite problem which drifts into ATM alterations, at the very least.

In other cases, as a lesser evil, they are used covers to show off fangsbut we must not forget that to place a veneer the enamel of the tooth must be worn, therefore, in any case, we punish a healthy tooth to follow one of those dangerous dental fads that will no doubt pass in a few years, even a few months.

Only the problems caused by this fashion in the lack of oral hygiene can lead to periodontitis or gingivitis, and the effects of these two diseases of the mouth can be devastating and lead to the loss of teeth to the point of having to resort to dental implants.

Closer to our culture, the Dysthema.

dangerous dental fashions

Dysthema Separated central incisors.

Also linked to the extremely youthful appearance of the models designated by certain creators as the canon of beauty in Europe and the United States. He diastema (separation between two teeth commonly associated with that of the upper incisors) is one of those dangerous dental fashions which touched us much more closely and for which the aberration of forcing one’s teeth was committed in many cases… to separate them!

He diastema It can have many causes, from generalized microdontia to periodontitis and genetic factors. In each case a different dental treatment will be required by a physician, but the dentition should never be forced into an unnatural position due to mere passing fad.

dental grids

dangerous dental fashions
dental grids

another of those dangerous dental fashions who comes from the United States and is closely linked to the stars of the music world in the mid-80s, however, they did not invent anything new either. Ancient civilizations like the Maya already decorated their teeth and drilled them to place small precious stones.

THE dental grids These are metal covers that are placed on the teeth and which can be adorned with precious stones (or jewels).

The use of these grids can cause gingivitis due to hygiene problems and even cavities. They can also cause shifting of adjacent teeth, gum recession, discoloration or chipping of teeth, and in some cases, allergic reactions.

Tateeh or teeth tattoos.

dangerous dental fashions
Dental tattoos.

There are two types of dental tattoos: temporary and permanent.

Temporaries are a kind of adhesive that sticks to the tooth and can be removed when desired. Are dental decals they leave no mark on the enamel and are just a prank or toy. They should not leave traces on the enamel and a simple brushing should be enough to remove it completely. Like some natural dyes, they are often used to disguise themselves and there is no need to be more careful about their use, origin and approval.

Permanent teeth tattoos deserve special consideration and we do not recommend their use. Under no circumstances should the dental tattoo be done directly on the tooth but, in the event that a cover with the tattoo is placed on the tooth, the process requires filing the tooth, so we will punish it without much reason and, therefore, we do not consider it advisable either.

Piercings: the most dangerous.

dangerous dental fashions

A metal piercing in the tongue or on the lips can cause serious gum problems, cavities, tooth fractures due to chewing problems, loss of sensitivity, taste or problems with halitosis or contracting gums.

There have even been cases of brain abscesses or intestinal problems due to ingesting bacteria attached to metal earrings.

We believe that the most beautiful smile is a healthy smile and that the most attractive people are those who are themselves and don’t get carried away by fashion. Our advice, pay attention to your mouth and be yourself. 😉

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